Use of Entonox in the community
for control of procedural pain

Evans A.
Carmarthenshire NHS Trust,
Carmarthen, UK.
Br J Community Nurs. 2003 Nov;8(11):488-94


Nitrous oxide gas, mixed 50:50 with oxygen, is an effective and safe analgesic which, although widely used in many areas of clinical practice, has not been fully recognized in the community setting for painful procedures. The reasons why it has not been implemented and used to the patient's advantage have been suggested as apathy, lack of confidence, lack of knowledge and lack of resources. The author describes how, following a review of the literature pertaining to its use in other clinical areas, she has successfully introduced nitrous oxide/oxygen into her trust, with positive results.
Nitrous oxide
Inhaled anaesthetics
Rats on nitrous oxide
Nitrous oxide inhalation
200 years of laughing gas
Nitrous oxide plus ethanol
Nitrous oxide and frostbite
Nitrous oxide and marijuana
Nitrous oxide / opioid release
Nitrous oxide: adverse effects
Beta-endorphin/nitrous oxide withdrawal
Nitrous oxide - subjective and rewarding effects
Prolonged nitrous oxide exposure and neuron death
Whipped cream bulbs cause nitrous oxide myelopathy

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