Treatise on Kankeru (cancer) written in the book
"Komo Ijutsu Monsho" by Goda Daisuke

Nagayo T.
Nippon Ishigaku Zasshi. 1995 Sep;41(3):395-402


"Komo Ijutsu Monsho" (Book on Dutch Style Medicine) was written by Goda Daisuke (1738-1795), who was a physician in Sanuki (Kagawa Prefecture) and younger brother of the author of "Komo Igen" (Introductory Note on Dutch Internal Medicine) Goda Kyugo, by listening to the Japanese interpreters Yoshio Kogyu and Rofu of Nagasaki, around the 1760's. In this book, he noted the nature of Kankeru (cancer), especially of the breast, and also referred to the fact that the disease is curable when it was removed in its early stage. Later on, this information led to the success of surgical resection of breast cancer by Hanaoka Seishu in 1805 by the use of general anesthesia, which he invented. This article introduces the pioneering work of Goda Daisuke.
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Seishu Hanaoka
Recipe for the first general anaesthetic?
Goda Daisuke and "Komo Ijutsu Monsho"
First use of anaesthetics in different countries
Name list of Hanaoka's breast cancer patients
Anaesthesia pioneer Seishu Hanaoka's family tree
Seishu Hanaoka and Shutei Nakagawa's "Mayaku-ko"
Death dates of Hanaoka's patients with breast cancer
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Seishu Hanaoka (1760-1835): the poineer of general anaesthesia

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