Satanic agency and mesmerism
reviewed--James Braid

Tinterow MM.
Center for the Healing Arts,
Wichita, KS 67219.
Am J Clin Hypn. 1993 Jul;36(1):3-6


Satanic Agency and Mesmerism Reviewed, In A Letter To The Reverend H. Mc. Neile of Liverpool, is a 12-page book in which James Braid laid the foundation stone of medical hypnotism. The present copy of this book is said to be unique. No other copy of this book has been found in the United States or England. The book, which is in the Rare Book Collection at the Wichita State University Ablah Library, came from the library of Albert Moll. The age of mesmerism or animal magnetism was brought to a close by James Braid, and in this book, his first work on mesmerism. Braid used the word hypnotism to replace mesmerism. His first use of the word occurred in this work and not, as is generally believed, in his later work, Neurypnology.
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