New information about Seishu Hanaoka's family tree according to the burial records of Jizoji Temple
Matsuki A.
Nippon Ishigaku Zasshi. 1999 Mar;45(1):45-76


Since Shuzo Kure published his voluminous monograph entitled "Seishu Hanaoka and His Surgery" in 1923, the biography of Hanaoka has been widely studied and two monographs were published in 1964 and 1973 to describe in detail the life and activities of Hanaoka. In spite of these historical studies, for more than seventy years several important persons have been unclarified in the pedigree of the Hanaokas. Recently the author made a repeated survey of two volumes of the burial records of Jizoji temple of Naka town, Wakayama Prefecture. The temple had been the family temple of the Hanaokas during Seishu Hanaoka's lifetime. About one hundred and eight posthumous names, given names, and death dates of the Hanaokas were found in the records, which can be classified into several branches. The most important findings are: 1) the given and posthumous name and death date of Seishu's younger sister (Otane) was identified and another younger sister's posthumous name and death date were guessed with a strong probability; 2) Seishu's third son's death date was identified and the given and necromancy name and, death date of Seishu's third daughter were made clear. In addition, several important findings on Seishu's ancestors are presumed from this investigation of the burial records. These new findings are very useful to understand the background of Hanaoka's study on "Mafutsu-to" and his biography.
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