Professor Salard Tupavong, key contributor
to the development of anesthesia in Thailand

Somprakit P.
Department of Anesthesiology,
Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital,
Mahidol University,
Bangkok 10700, Thailand.
J Med Assoc Thai. 2002 Sep;85 Suppl 3:S795-800


The practice of Anesthesiology by a qualified Thai national was introduced to the Kingdom of Thailand 50 years ago, when Professor Salard Tupavong graduated from the United States of America and returned to Siriraj Hospital. She made a tremendous contribution to the birth of anesthesia as a specialty, as a pioneer of modern anesthesia and pain therapy in Thailand. She initiated a Residency Training Program and an Inter-hospital Lecture Program in Thai Anesthesiology. She has also helped promote the academic advance of the specialty as well as served as a source of communication and distribution of knowledge for Thai and Asian anesthesiologists. She was regularly invited as an honorary speaker by the committees of both national and international congresses. We are most appreciative of everything that she has done and wish her happy and healthy days ahead.
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